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Exemption Credit Policy

Exemption credit from any credit-bearing course offered at LaGuardia may be granted on the basis of an examination or a project equivalent to the final requirement of the course. Equivalencies are determined by the faculty of the appropriate academic department and must be approved by the chairperson. Exemption credit may not include credit for prior coursework, which falls under transfer credit. Exemption credit must be earned at LaGuardia, either through examination, project, or portfolio review.

The maximum number of exemption credits that can be counted towards LaGuardia’s 30-credit residency requirement for a degree is 10. A maximum of 6 exemption credits may be applied toward the residency requirement for a certificate. NOTE: Only degree students and students enrolled in the Early College High School program are eligible to earn exemption credits.

Approved by the College Senate on March 29, 2023