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Final Grade Submission Deadlines

Effective Fall 2017 

  • Beginning Fall 2017, City University of New York (CUNY) will implement a university-wide Final Grade Submission Deadline policy. Given the variety of student-centered application, enrollment and graduation transactions that needs to be completed in a timely fashion, all CUNY institutions will require undergraduate final grades to be submitted no later than three business days (72 hours) after the last day of the final exam period for the term (or equivalent for sessions). Individual colleges may impose more stringent deadlines if they so choose. This date will be published in the Academic Calendar. 

  • Submitting grades on time prevents delays students may experience related to Enrollment processes, Transcript requests, Scholarships/Honors awards, Degree verifications by employers, Conferral of degrees, Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Calculation, Academic Standing Calculation, and mailing of diplomas. 

  • Given that the wide range of Graduate/Professional programs offered at the University have significantly less standardization in their instructional delivery models and practices, this policy allows campuses offering Graduate/Professional programs to use the 72 hours deadline or establish alternative grade submission deadlines for courses offered in these programs. This Policy shall supersede and override all grading deadline policies currently in effect at CUNY colleges and schools.