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Tuition and Fees

The Cost of Education

Cost is an important consideration for most students when they are deciding which educational program is best suited to their goals and aspirations.

The following information will help students calculate the cost of attending LaGuardia Community College. By performing some basic calculations, students can develop their own “student budget.”

Generally, a student budget consists of the direct educational costs of tuition, fees, books and supplies, as well as those costs incurred by virtue of attendance, such as for transportation and lunch. In addition, all students have costs related to recreation and personal expenses.

Developing a Budget

Students who depend on some other person to provide a substantial portion of their support are generally defined as dependent students. For these students, the costs, defined below, represent the total out-of-pocket costs that result from college attendance.

For self-supporting students, who do not depend upon some other person for support, the out-of-pocket costs must be considered in addition to the regular cost of living, which students incur as a result of being dependent upon their own resources. A general description of these living costs is described below.

Typical Expenses

The following is an estimated cost of education-related expenses students are likely to incur for a 12-month period. It is possible that during students’ internship semester, their salary may cover some expenses. Most students receive some form of financial assistance to help meet these expenses.

Dependent and Certain Independent Students

Dependent students, those who receive assistance from family or other sources, can expect to pay $5,217 in annual tuition and fees. In addition, the following costs are estimated for the academic year: books and supplies $1,516, transportation $1,320, personal and lunch items $2,092, and room and board $6,822.

Independent Students

Independent students and dependent students living away from home for 12 months during the academic year can expect the following expenses in addition to $5,217 tuition and fees: books and supplies $1,516, transportation $1,320, personal and lunch items $2,861 and room and board $19,910


All fees and tuition charges listed in the College catalog and in any registration material issued by the College are subject to change by action of the university’s Board of Trustees without prior notice. In the event of any increase in the fees or tuition charges, payments already made to the College will be treated as partial payments and notification will be given of the additional amount due and the time and method of payment. Tuition is the sum of monies per term or semester which is required to be paid or satisfied prior to the first day of classes in order for a student to be considered enrolled. Students who do not settle their tuition bill by the established College due date may have their registration canceled the day after the due date. If you register during Late Registration, you must pay any amount due upon receipt of your registration bill, including a $25 late registration fee. If payment is not made immediately, a $15 late payment fee will be assessed.

In the event of an overpayment, the appropriate amount will be refunded.

NOTICE: If you do not make full payment on your tuition and fees and other college bill(s) and your account is sent to a collection agency, you will be responsible for all collection costs, including agency fees, attorney fees and court costs, in addition to whatever amount(s) you owe the college.

In addition, non-payment or a default judgment against your account may be reported to a credit bureau and reflected in your credit report.

Tuition Per Semester

Students must pay their tuition and fees or settle their accounts by the scheduled due date. Students’ financial aid may be used to cover all or part of the total amount due. Students may join a monthly payment plan to settle their bill.

Qualification for In-State Tuition

Undocumented students may benefit from a 2001 New York State law that expanded the definition of who can qualify for resident tuition while attending a CUNY college. The law allows students, including undocumented students, to pay resident tuition if they:

  • Were enrolled in CUNY for the Fall 2001 semester, and qualified for in-state tuition at that time; or

  • Attended a New York State high school for two or more years, graduated, and applied to attend a CUNY institution within five years of receiving a New York State diploma; or

  • Attended an approved New York State program for the GED exam preparation, received a Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED) from New York State, and applied to attend a CUNY institution within five years of receiving the New York State GED.

Individuals qualifying based on the 2001 state law are eligible for in-state tuition even if they have not resided in New York State for one year. To take advantage of the resident tuition rate, undocumented immigrants must file a notarized affidavit (Affidavit of Intent) stating that they have applied to legalize their status, OR that they will apply to do so as soon as they are eligible. A copy of this form can be obtained through the Office of Admissions Services.

New students should submit the affidavit to the Office of Admissions Services located in C102. Students who choose to file the form after enrolling can obtain and submit the affidavit to C107.

All documents, including Affidavits must be filed prior to the last day of the semester. Petitions filed after this date will be considered for the following semester.

New York City Resident and New York State Residents with a valid certificate of residence from the county that you reside in:

Full-time matriculated students (12-18 units) $2,400.00/semester

Part-time matriculated students (fewer than 12 units) $210.00/unit

Non-degree students $265.00/unit

Non-New York City Residents, International (F-1 visa) students or undocumented students who are ineligible for residency tuition rates:

Full-time and part-time matriculated students. $320.00/unit

Non-degree students $420.00/unit

Subject to change by the action of the CUNY Board of Trustees

CUNY BA/BS Program Students

Tuition and student activities fees for all students in the CUNY Baccalaureate Program are billed for and collected by the Bursar at their home college. Students are billed according to the fee schedule in effect at their home college.

Permit Students

All tuition and student activities fees are payable to the “home” college in accordance with its fee schedule. No additional payment of tuition or fees is required at the host college where the course is taken.

Tuition Waivers

Staff members of City University, including professional staff, instructional staff, and Gittleson employees (with six months of employment prior to the first day of classes), are permitted to enroll in undergraduate courses on a space-available basis, tuition-free.

Tuition Payment Plan Option:

This monthly payment plan offers you the opportunity to spread out your payments, interest free, over 6 monthly installments. LAGCC students are eligible to enroll for an interest free monthly plan for tuition and fees for an enrollment fee of $40 per semester for eCheck payments or $75 per semester if paying by American Express, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. To enroll, log into CUNYfirst Self-Service and go to your student Center. Go to Finances and select Enroll/Manage Your Payment Plan.


Students who have paid their full tuition prior to receiving award notification from the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) are entitled, if in full attendance at the College, to a refund in the amount of the TAP award notification.

A refund check will be mailed to the address on file in CUNYfirst. Please make sure your records are up-to-date on your CUNYfirst account.

Tuition Refunds

All tuition refunds are calculated according to the date that the student drops a course or courses. Non-instructional fees are non- refundable, except when courses are cancelled by the College, a student’s registration is cancelled by the College, or the student enters military, Peace Corps or VISTA service (Please refer to section on Military, Peace Corps and VISTA Refunds).

Students who drop courses from their record during the change of program period are entitled to a refund according to the following schedule:

Fall and Spring 12-Week Session-I

  • 100% Before the first day of classes

  • 75% Within six calendar days from the scheduled session start date

  • 50% Between the 7th and 12th calendar days from the scheduled session start date

  • 25% Between the 13th and 17th calendar days from the scheduled session start date.

  • None Beyond the 17th calendar day from the scheduled session start date.

Fall and Spring 6-Week Session-II

  • 100% Before the first day of classes.

  • 50% Within five calendar days from the scheduled session start date.

  • 25% Between the 6th and 9th calendar days from the scheduled session start date.

  • None Beyond the 9th calendar day from the scheduled session start date.

In cases of medical leaves of absence, the refund is calculated according to the last day of attendance.

Military, Peace Corps and VISTA Refunds

The following guidelines govern all applications for refunds for students withdrawing from the College for service in the military, Peace Corps or VISTA. Please visit the Bursar’s Office in room C110 for assistance.

Military service must be documented with a copy of induction orders or military orders. Service in the Peace Corps or VISTA must be documented with appropriate letters or other evidence.

No refund will be made for any course in which a student has been assigned a grade, regardless of whether the grade is passing or failing.

If a student has enlisted in the armed services, the Peace Corps or VISTA, does not attend classes for a sufficient time to qualify for a grade, but continues in attendance within two weeks of induction, refund of tuition and fees, except for the application fee, will be made as follows:

Withdrawals before the fifth calendar week after scheduled opening of session, 100% refund; withdrawals thereafter, 50% refund.

Other Refunds

All other non-tuition refunds to which a student may be entitled will be processed in a timely manner.

Withdrawals and the Complete Return of Title IV funds

During the first 60% of the term, students earn Title IV funds in proportion to the time they are enrolled. If a student receives more aid than he/she earned, the unearned portion must be returned to the Department of Education. If a student receives less aid than the amount earned, he/she may be eligible for a late disbursement.

The portion of aid the student is entitled to receive is based on a percentage obtained by comparing the total number of days in the semester to the number of days completed by the latest withdrawal. For example, if you complete 20% of the semester, you have earned 20% of your Title IV aid. If you received 100% of your Title IV aid, you would have to return the unearned portion.

Students who remain enrolled beyond the 60% point of the term are considered to have earned all their aid and do not have to return any Title IV funds.


Student Fees

Each student must pay student fees according to the schedule outlined below. Student fees are paid each semester and are not refundable.

Full-time Students (12 or more equated credits)

  • Student Activity Fee: $67

  • Consolidated Services Fee: $15

  • University Senate Fee: $1.45

  • Technology Fee: $125

Part-time Students (less than 12 equated credits)

  • Student Activity Fee: $26

  • Consolidated Services Fee: $15

  • University Senate Fee: $1.45

  • Technology Fee: $62.50

Senior citizens (60 or older)

  • Consolidated Fee: $15

  • Administrative Fee (per session): $65

Non-instructional Fees

  • Freshman Application: $65

  • Transfer Application: $70

  • New non-degree application: $65

  • Late Registration: $25

  • Late Payment Fee: $15

  • Program Change: $18

  • Transcript: $7 (transcript sent free to CUNY; cash or money order for all others.)

  • Readmission: $20

  • Reinstatement: $20

  • Penalty Fee for issuance of bad check: $20

  • Duplicate Diploma: $15

  • Duplicate ID: $10

  • Duplicate Bursar’s Receipt: Copy of Schedule: $5

  • Locker per year: $1

Special Examination

  • First examination: $15

  • Each additional examination: $5

  • Maximum each session: $25

Reserve Materials

$0.10 per minute, twenty-four hours per day (to maximum of $100.00)

Lost or Damaged Materials

Overdue fines, accumulated to the date reported, and replacement costs of the materials, plus a $5 processing charge.

Change of Program and Withdrawal Regulations

A fee of $18 will be charged each time a program change is made during the Late Registration period. The $18 charge will cover one or more changes made at the same time as follows:

  1. Addition of a course or courses

  2. Changing from one course to another

  3. Changing from one section of a course to another section of the same course

Waiver of Change of Program Fee

No Change of Program Fee will be charged if any one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The College cancels or withdraws a course, whether or not the student substitutes another course

  2. The College changes the hours of the course or makes other substantive changes that provide the student with justification for a change

  3. The College requests that the student transfer from one section to another section of the same course or

  4. The College cancels the registration of the student for academic, disciplinary or other reasons