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LaGuardia Community College Administration

Office of the President

Kenneth Adams, President

Nayelli Valencia Turrent, Chief of Staff

Maria Cook, Executive Legal Counsel to the President and Labor Designee

Craig Green, Executive Chief Diversity Officer/ Title IX Coordinator 

Wendy Nicholson, Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dr. Nava Lerer, Dean for Institutional Effectiveness

Laura Bartovics, Executive Director of Development

Soraya Ciego-Lemur, Interim Director, LaGuardia and Wagner Archives

Academic Affairs

Dr. Billie Gastic Rosado, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Dionne Miller, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Eric Hofmann, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Steven Hitt, Director, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center

Dr. Karlyn Koh, Director, Honors Program

Faculty Chairpersons

Dr. Vera Albrecht, Humanities Department

Dr. Abderrazak (Abdel) Belkharraz Idrissi, Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science Department

Dr. Bojana Blagojevic, Social Science Department

Dr. Irwin Leopando, English Department

Dr. Maria Entezari, Natural Sciences Department

Dr. Philip Gimber, Health Sciences Department

Dr. Arthur Lau, Education and Language Acquisition Department

Silvia Lin Hanick, Interim Chief Librarian

Michael Napolitano, Business and Technology Department

Hope Barter, Principal, Energy Tech High School

Socrates Ortiz, Jr., Principal, Middle College High School

Jaclyn Valane, Principal, The International High School


Shahir Erfan, Senior Vice President

Kenneth Campanelli, Executive Director, Facilities Management and Planning

Marta Clark, Executive Director, Human Resources

Jin Lee, Director, Building Operations

Evelyn Lowmark, Director, Administrative and Support Services

Yvonne Gaul, Director, Public Safety

Peter Jayasekara, Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Ruben Mercier, Director, Campus Facilities Office

Giaman (Carmen) Luong, Associate Business Manager

Nancy Palma, Finance Controller

Adult and Continuing Education

Sunil B. Gupta, Vice President

Assuanta Howard, Assistant Dean of Business Services

John J. Hunt, Assistant Dean of Pre-College Academic Programs

Christine Alvarez, Director, Pre-Hospital Care Programs

Heather Barikmo, Director, The English Language Center

Raheem Brooks, Director, CUNY Fatherhood Academy

Claudia Baldonedo, Senior Director, Youth Workforce Development Initiatives

Paula DaSilva-Michelin, Director, Center for Immigrant Education and Training

Rodlens Dauphin, Educational Services Director, 10,000 Small Businesses

Paisley Demby, Business Services Director, 10,000 Small Businesses

Mary Jane Escobar-Collins, Operations Director, 10,000 Small Businesses

Rosa Figueroa, Director, Small Business Development Center

Liesl Fores-Iza, Communications Director

Nelson Ortiz, Director, Procurement Technical Assistance Center

David Housel, Director, CUNY Language Immersion Program

Elizabeth Iannotti, Senior Director, ESOL Programming

Chandana Mahadeswaraswamy, Senior Director, Career and Professional Programs

Olivia Mayer, Director, Pre-College Academic Programming

Linda Mellon, Senior Director, Business Services

Carolyn Nobles, Senior Director, Career Development Center and Career & Technical Education Assistance Center

Lizbeth Rodriguez, Director, Small Business Transportation Resource Center

Jessica Perez, Director, Center for Career and Professional Development

Maritza Pritsos, Senior Director, Adult Basic Skills

Karen V. Saca, Senior Director, Finance and Budget

Rosa Solano, Director, CUNY Start/Math Start Programs

George Schreiner, Director, ACE Enrollment Management Services

Hannah Weinstock, Senior Director, Workforce Development

Enrollment Management

Benjamin E. Rhodin, Vice President

Gail Baksh-Jarrett, Ed.D, Senior Director, Enrollment & Student Financial Services

Aleksey Abramov, Director, Testing

Loretta Capuano, Director, Student Information Services

Shannon Lund, Director, Admissions

Rhonda Mouton, Director, LaGuardia CARES

Adja Kondi, Admissions Processing Associate Director

Jesse Guralnick, Admissions Manager

Zalma (Rosana) Keshawarz, Administrative Manager, New Student Engagement & International Student Services

Annette Hamilton, Financial Aid Manager

Lori Hughes, Financial Aid Manager

Communications and External Affairs

Manuel L. Romero, Vice President

Georgina Taraskewich, Director of Communications

Caridad Munoz, Director of Marketing

Karen Dubinsky, Chief Engagement Officer

Claudia Chan, Deputy Director, External Affairs

Information Technology

Jason Bryan, Director, Network Administration

William Lindner, Director, Information Systems

Student Affairs

Alexis J. McLean, Vice President