Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Requirements for Federal Aid (Title IV)*

Federal regulations stipulate that a student at LaGuardia Community College may remain eligible to receive Title IV assistance upon:

Minimum GPA - achieve at least a “C” average, or its equivalent according to the College’s retention policy, and by accumulating credits toward the degree.

Pace of Progression - A student’s earned credits are equal to or greater than two-thirds of the credits the student has attempted at the institution.

Maximum Time Frame - The credits a student has attempted are not more than 150% of the credits normally required for completion of the degree.

SAP Appeals - Students not meeting the above criteria may request a Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal through the Financial Aid SAP Committee.

An appeal must be based upon mitigating circumstances resulting from events such as personal illness or injury, illness or death of a family member, loss of employment, or changes in the academic program. The student’s appeal must include: a) the reasons why the student failed to make SAP and b) what has changed in his or her situation that will allow the student to demonstrate SAP at the next evaluation. The appeal may be granted if the school:

  • Determines that the student will be able to meet the appropriate SAP standard by the end of the next payment period (semester); OR 

  • Develops an academic plan for the student that, if followed, will ensure that the student will either be able to meet the appropriate SAP standard by a specific point in time or achieve completion of his or her academic program.

The decision of the Appeal Committee is final.

Remedial Courses (Special Value):

Since remedial courses and the remedial component of developmental and compensatory courses do not carry degree credit, the non-credit component of these courses is not included in the total cumulative attempted credits or accumulated credits for determining pace of progression. There is a limit for these courses: Title IV programs will not pay for any additional “special value” courses. For example, if you register for Basic Writing 099 and Math 095, those two courses count for a total of 10.0 “special value” tuition units.

If those units are used in calculating your Title IV award for the semester, you will have 20.0 “special value” tuition units remaining in your account. If, however, you register for other, “non-special value” courses, which make you full-time without using the “special value” tuition units, you would still have 30 “special value” tuition units in your account.

Once you have used up your 30 “special value” tuition units, you can only receive Title IV money for “non-special value” courses. Any future awards will be based on the credit values of regular credit courses only. It is therefore to your advantage to try to take “special value” courses along with regular courses, if you have met the prerequisites.

Although ESL courses are listed as “special value” courses, those courses do not count toward the Title IV maximum.