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Graduates on Queens College Lawn

Students must successfully complete a specified number of required courses prior to graduation. Students can review their individual academic requirements anytime at The number of courses required differs with each major and also depends on the amount of basic skills work needed as explained below. It is important that students consult each semester with a faculty member or academic advisor to arrange an appropriate sequence of courses.

Application of Catalog Year

Students will be held to the program and degree requirements of the year that they enter the College, unless the student changes their major in a different academic year. In that case, the student will be held to the current year requirements as listed in the catalog. If a student stops out and is reinstated within two semesters of leaving, they will be held to the requirements of the catalog year that they were being held to previously. If a student stops out and is readmitted more than two semesters after leaving, they will be placed in the current year Liberal Arts: Social Science and Humanities program by default. Should they wish to change their major, including to a program they had previously been in, they will be held to the current year’s program and degree requirements, and not any prior year.